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Your Premier Luxury International Travel Agency in Charlotte, NC

Hey, we are Amy & Derek!  We believe that YOUR life is all about experiences and memories, and traveling with loved ones.  You work hard and your time is valuable.   Let us guide you through the process of choosing and booking your next well deserved luxury vacation 



Creating customize tailored European experiences for all budgets.



Sending you to the most exotic luxury all inclusive's in the world!



Delivering tremendous luxurious value for your dollar whilst on the seas!

Planning your luxury vacation is a dream come true, but the finer details can begin to bring you down. From flights, hotels, car rentals to budgeting for food, entertainment and activities, the dream can fast turn into a nightmare! At Amy and Derek Travel, we offer an exceptional range of vacation packages designed to make booking a breeze. As one of the leading travel companies in Charlotte, NC, let us send you on a vacation you will remember forever.

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Why Work With Us?

Because we have traveled AROUND THE WORLD.... Literally!!

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Why work with a Travel Agent?  Let's clear something up, working with a travel agent costs you NOTHING!  In fact there are MANY reasons to work with an agent, one being we know travel.  We have not only traveled to these amazing places, but we are trained by them as well!  Click below to learn more reasons why to use an agent!


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All Inclusive Trips

We specialize in luxury all-inclusive paradise vacations with a focus on GROUPS.  We purchase large blocks of rooms with the top cruise and all-inclusive destinations allowing us to provide you the LOWEST prices for those experiences. 

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What Benefits Does an All Inclusive Travel Agent Provide?


At Amy and Derek Travel, we specialize in developing the most exciting all inclusive and group travel options to destinations all over the world. An all inclusive vacation package allows you to experience luxury in a resort setting, with all food and beverages provided, water sports, entertainment and activities all at no extra cost. As your travel agent, we advocate for you in terms of upgrades, added extras and issue resolution. 

YOLO Travel Club Trips

Upcoming YOLO Group Trips


Excellence Playa Mujeres

5 -7 night options at the premiere Excellence brand flagship resort facing the amazing island of Isla Mujeres.  White sand beaches, fine dining, nightly entertainment and night life.  Enjoy unbeatable group rate pricing starting at $2753 per room (double occupancy) for early May 2024

Not Part of the Yolo Travel Club... Why Aren't You?


Listen, you work hard... so why not play hard.  YOLO... or You Only Live Once, is an exclusive club of individuals who LOVE to travel and love having a good time with likeminded successful individuals ... It's as simple as that.

Be being part of the club you get first dibs on our group trips which have been a BLAST (see video above)

Travel Tips

Why Travel Agent?

why travel agent

Are You Looking for the Best Travel Agency in Charlotte, NC?


Amy and Derek Travel is your number one travel agency, with specialties as an all inclusive travel agent and cruise travel agent. We want to help you to live your best life, so book now through our website or call us at (980) 495-3322 for more.

Travel Agent Charlotte NC


Travel agents know the market and, if they listen to what you want, will be able to match you with a better product than you can find on the Internet.

🚢 all inclusive travel agent Charlotte NC


If something goes wrong on your trip, a good travel agent will go to bat for you -- no matter who is at fault -- and try to get your vacation back on track.

Charlotte NC Travel Agency


Travel agents have access to a variety of tools that the average consumer is not able to use or doesn't know about. They can sometimes get you a better seat on an airplane, added amenities at hotels, room upgrades, event tickets, and plan activities for you.



Your time is valuable and you shouldn't have to spend it searching for the right vacation. A travel agent can do that for you. They can match you with the vacation that you actually want, not the one that you saw on television. There is a difference between travel inspiration and actual travel desires. Destinations may look good on TV but not actually be ideal for you personally. Travel agents can help you define what it is you want to get out of a vacation.

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Often, travel agents can save you money based on their supplier relationships -- or at least match the price you find -- while saving you time and effort. There are also hidden savings built into trips. A travel agent will likely book transfers for you, included in the price. Sometimes a package that you book yourself won't include those, making the experience appear cheaper. 



As you develop a relationship with your travel agent, they are able to target the right trips for you without even having a conversation. Ideally, a simple phone call or email could result in your next vacation -- already planned. 



There are a lot of value-adds that consumers don't even know about that can be added by a travel agent. Ever wonder why the couple in the cabin next to yours got champagne and you didn't? They probably used a travel agent.



Travel agents have inside information on the best times to go to crowded destinations and they sometimes even know what the new "it" destinations are going to be before the masses. Want to get there first? Use a travel agent.

I found my princess 👸🏼.... who loves t


Some tours and experiences are only available through
a travel agent. Many companies offer a lot of components and simply want to make sure a customer is right for their experience -- exotic tours, treks, private jet products are often only available through an agent.

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