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Watch This & Travel for Free

 Step by Step Details!! 


Choose where to vacation from the many All-Inclusive options with our luxury partner vendors.


Invite your friends, family, co-workers and loved ones to your luxury vacation destination at group rate discounted prices.


When enough people travel with you... we pay for your trip!  You go for FREE... Simple as that!

HOW does It WORK?


 "You travel with friends & family already... why not travel for FREE!" 

It's really quite simple!  You pick a location and destination from one of our MANY choice luxury locations around the world, invite enough people to book (as little as 5 rooms), and you are FREE!


They pay a reduced GROUP RATE that we provide, and we completely pay for YOUR room to travel... YEA it's FREE!  If you book enough people we'll even pay for your FLIGHT!

 "So Who Are We?" 

Sunrise 🌅 with the one you love.... doe

Hello we are Amy and Derek!  We are travel influencers (we'll share our Instagram later below) and travel agents who travel for a living... so we KNOW TRAVEL.


We have learned how to HACK THE TRAVEL GAME at many levels! 

We believe that you can LIVE the most EXTRAORDINARY LIFE imaginable through experiences while traveling with loved ones.


The next section focuses on getting your trip planned, having your friends and family benefit, and having you travel with them at no cost.... BOOM!

KEEP READING.....  then you'll vacation for FREE....


 "Where are we Going?" 

First thing's first... you need to decide where you want to go and choose from one of the MANY Luxury options.  

 All-Inclusive Luxury Destinations 

We Focus on the ALL- INCLUSIVE market, as this is the easiest when traveling in groups! 


Who needs to deal with splitting restaurant bills, worrying about who's paying for this or that.... Everything is included!


 All-Inclusive Resorts 

ALL - INCLUSIVE experiences  provide maximum relaxation with minimal thought... everything is included, you just indulge at-will in some of the most AMAZING locations on earth.  Many of the locations have INCREDIBLE off the resort experiences as well for those adventure seekers.  ​Locations such as:


Resorts Brands Like:


 "How Many Have To Travel So I Travel For FREE?"  

\Not nearly as much as you would think!! 


With our select partners we will pay for your room when you book 5 rooms at select All-Inclusive Resorts.  That's it... FIVE!  The 6th room, your room, is FREE!

You ALREADY TRAVEL IN GROUPS... why not benefit from it while your friends, family and loved one's access a reduced rate from group pricing!


  Find Your Reason to Travel!  

SO many reasons to travel as a group... many of which you do already naturally!  Below are several ideas to create your FIRST of many groups and begin traveling for FREE!


Family Vacations

This one is obvious!  Someone has to be the group planner.  Bring the family together and reward yourself with a free trip!


Family Reunions

Nobody wants to go the the reunion BBQ at your aunt's house.  Organize a luxury getaway & connect with family!



Bachelor and bachelorette parties.  Can't think of a better place or way to rock this event than luxury all-inclusive!


Girls/Guys Trips

Need to getaway for a bit and hang with the bro's or the ladies... Do it in luxury & have everyone access group pricing!


Destination Wedding

Wedding's are expensive. Invite enough to yours, and your part is FREE!  We'll get everyone there to enjoy your nuptials! 


Company Trips

Do you own a business.  Why not offer a discounted incentive trip to get away and bond with your employees at a new level!


Couples Trips

Probably the most popular, many couples love to chill together in luxury.  You plan and benefit, we do the work!



5/10/25... whatever the number of years, celebrate the achievement you still like each other with friends and family!


Get Creative

Shoot... who needs a reason... just get your friends and family together because life is short & we should go enjoy it!

  No Reason.. No Problem!  

Can't think of a reason to travel... No worries! We have GROUP Rate trips planned already all over the world.  You can choose from our existing groups and invite your friends and family to enjoy the trip!

We will provide a link at the bottom of this page to our planned AVAILABLE GROUP TRIPS!


  Go Enjoy Yourself!  

The last part is easy.... Go enjoy your trip... FOR FREE!

So how do you get started... keep reading and we'll explain... it's easy!


  Um... YEA, I Want To Travel For Free!  

The beauty of this entire process is that we hold your hand through it all and WE do the work! 


So here's a breakdown of how to get started and what we do!

We plan your group and provide you with group pricing... we help you promote your group with custom flyers and a dedicated webpage for your group... then we manage your group members, booking flights, deposits etc.

Best part is it's only $100 per couple to hold the group spot and they are locked with the preferred pricing....boom!  


Planning Your GROUP

We help you pick and choose your locations, provide you with group pricing quotes and ultimately decide where and when the group trip will be.

Group Rates are ALWAYS LESS than buying as an individual... so your party will SAVE!



We will provide you with a custom flyer for your event as well as a dedicated webpage allowing your participants the ability to view the group trip, prices, room selections and ultimately make the small deposit to lock in thier rate!

Struggling to fill a full 5 rooms...  no worries, we'll promote your group to our clients in an effort to fill it with you.  A little help never hurt!


manage your group

We handle your group individuals as your agent once it's created.  Room upgrades, flights, special accommodations, and anything else necessary to make your group a success!

We do this for a living... so we are VERY GOOD at making it seamless!!

FB travel free anchor

Are YOU Ready?

LETS PLAN Something!

OK... it's time to roll!  Please fill out the form below with the BASICS of a group trip and we'll contact you immediately to get started with resort options and pricing!!




Be on the look out and be sure to text back!  If your preference is text or phone call, please indicate below!

Can't Think of a Place to Go?

... No worries!  Choose from a few of our group trips below.  Only available options with space left are listed below!


Dreams Las Mareas Costa Rica 

5 nights at 5 Star All Inclusive "Dreams Las Mareas" in Costa Rica. Nights can be between 5/6/2020 - 5/17/2020 ! Approximately $1700 per couple in TOTAL. Click REGISTER NOW and make your $100 per deposit!  Final payment not due until March of 2020! You can stay longer than 5 nights if you wish too!


RUI Palace Antillas


7 amazing Adults ONLY nights at highly sought after RUI Palace Aruba Antillas from January 11th - 18th 2020.  $2099 per person in TOTAL for Aruba All Inclusive paradise (food and drinks included). Click REGISTER NOW and make your $100 per deposit!  Final payment not due until October of 2019!  Options to stay longer or less are available!


RUI Palace

Costa Rica

Join us for 5 nights at All Inclusive "RIU Palace" in Costa Rica.  $1760 in total per couple for 5 nights (option to stay longer) in a Junior Suite Garden View (see rooms below - option to upgrade).  Costa Rica is the perfect mix of blue water and plush green mountains fo the surrounding rain forest.  


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