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"Southern Charm" Tour - Part 2 - Savannah, GA

After 3 days in Charleston it was a quick 90 minute drive down to Savannah Georgia! Two amazing and romantic southern cities only 90 minutes apart… whattttt? If you like Charleston then you’ll LOVE Savannah! While both cities have much in common, they also offer completely different experiences. One of the first things you may notice about Savannah, over Charleston, is the price. Charleston can get rather economically challenging at times, where Savannah is VERY affordable. We noticed a significant decrease in the cost of the traveling essentials while in town… food, lodging, and of course wine ;) If you are on a budget, and in need of a southern getaway, strongly consider punching Savannah into your GPS... you won't be disappointed.

Savannah is most notably known for their history, similar to that of Charleston. Today, Savannah's downtown area is one of the largest National Historic Landmark Districts in the United States. The city is also home to a unique prohibition museum, fit with a password to their hidden speakeasy if you complete their tour. While we didn’t have a chance to enjoy the speakeasy at the museum, we did however get a secret password from our hotel bellman to a true speakeasy that was hidden in a dark alley in the middle of a side street between a few dumpsters. While it felt special and shady all at once... It was a TRUE speakeasy experience to be remembered… but we didn’t tell you that ;)

Savannah is loaded with things to do. Ghost Tours, horse drawn carriage rides, museums, and the food… ohhhh yes, MORE southern food .... to name a few. They even have a ghost tour pub crawl…. which we can only imagine gets scarier as the pub to pub crawl progresses. True genius to the individuals who sparked this idea and one that should be worthy of some major international prize, like the Nobel Peace Prize.... or at least and honorable mention. Honestly one of the things we enjoyed the most out of our experience in Savannah was simply walking the historic streets hand in hand, getting lost in it's charm, and staring up at their famous Spanish Moss Oak Trees. Those trees, abundantly scattered throughout the city, are just incredible to look at.

Down by the river you’ll find charming, ankle breaking, cobblestone streets that take you by a myriad of shops, restaurants and bars. Two restaurants we’d highly recommend are Belford's. Located at the southwest corner of City Market, Belford’s rich history is also a key part of Savannah’s past. Completed in 1902 the building originally belonged to the Savannah Hebrew Congregation. Twenty-one years later, the Congregation sold the building to the Belford family to house its wholesale food company. You can still see painted signs on the building’s west and north walls as remnants of their early business. Belford’s Savannah restaurant opened in 1996, and boasts an award-winning menu that attracts many, including us! While we were there, we of course indulged in the obligatory southern fried green tomatoes …. yum. However, the restaurant owner let us in on a little secret, his crab cake! He stated it was the best thing on their menu in his opinion, so we gave it a go. All we can say is WOW! This crab cake was like no other, mainly as it was ALL crab! Amy also took a swing at their shrimp and grits (shocking I know right... it's all Amy ate) and was making strange noises of enjoyment as she slowly scooped out bite after delicious bite. We highly recommend this joint!

Our other favorite spot has to be Vics on the River. Vic’s sits on Easy Bay Street and overlooks one of Savannah’s famous natural attractions, the River. This historical building was completed in 1859, and was originally a warehouse to then later house Steven Shipping Company. During the American Civil War, General Sherman’s lesser officers used this building’s empty offices for planning space and temporary housing. What’s amazing is in their main dining room, hanging on the wall behind glass you’ll find a map that was hand-drawn by Union soldiers detailing Sherman’s march from Tennessee through Georgia. During renovations in 1901 workers noticed lines drawn on the wall while removing finishes. Was really cool to see that original map, and eat in such a historic spot…. if the walls could talk?….

All in all we have to give the city of Savannah FOUR thumbs up!! Romance, history, attractions, charm, ....whisky, and food! See you soon Savannah.

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