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How to Pack More Efficiently!

Not so many years ago we wouldn't be the correct people to write this article as we were amongst the droves of others who packed WAY TOO MUCH! After nearly 18 months of intense travel we've had no choice but to learn how the packing wizards do it... how to pack lite!

Here are our 5 tips to avoid over packing... they may seem obvious, but chances are you're not doing them! Like with any sort of change, it's scary at first... but eventually you'll see the light...

Start With the Appropriately Sized Bag

If your bag is big to start with, you’ll likely fill it! No one likes seeing their luggage half-empty... it just feels like a waste of space and a missed opportunity to tote along another dope outfit. So start small. Limited space means you’ll have to be strict when following the rest of the tips below, but remember: smaller is better in the baggage world!

80/20 Rule ALWAYS Applies

We know it sounds just horrible, but if you want a lighter bag, you’re going to have to do away with some of your threads!  Do you really need a mid-day outfit change… we plan for it, but it rarely happens right?!  The universal 80/20 rule of life often applies here!  We wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time… so pack accordingly people.

Wear Neutral Colors

While we love tons of color, when traveling it’s best to stick to a neutral color palette. That doesn’t mean you have to only wear black and white; dark blues, greens, and tans are also super versatile, as is denim (Stonewashed making a comeback we hear). The goal is to be able to mix and match your separates, jackets, and shoes; this will help you pack fewer items when you’re following the above steps.

Wash and Fold

If you’re thinking, “How am I going to pack 2 weeks in this little bag" you’re probably forgetting the light traveler's key to success: doing laundry!!  No worries, you won’t need to find that scary laundry mat in a town you don’t know…. You can usually do it from the comfort of your hotel room.  We often travel with Dreambly laundry detergent…. A simple sheet that acts as your detergent AND your dryer sheet. Simple and effective and easy to pack!

Save your big bulky Items for the plane

Nothing worse then being those people scurrying through your bag at the airport checkout trying to decide what 4.5 pounds looks like! Try to keep the bulkiest items (jackets, sweaters, chunky shoes) out of your bag. Save them for your plane outfit. The planes are usually ice boxes in the air, so you'll likely want them. If you’re going to a cold destination, this might look like your winter coat, wool sweater, and snow boots; for a warm getaway, layers could include the lightweight cardigan and denim jacket you might wear on cooler nights, plus your sneakers rather than your sandals.

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