How to FLY Anywhere in the World for FREE?

Updated: Jan 12, 2020

Sick of paying crazy prices to fly, so were we! After years of feeling gouged by the airlines we decided to figure out ALL the hacks to flying at a lower cost, or better yet… FREE!

After years of working in the travel industry and still feeling helplessly gouged by the airlines prices we rolled up our sleeves to find a better way.

And guess what….

We did!

To put these newly learned techniques into play we put it to the ultimate challenge by trying to fly completely around the world.

And guess what….

It worked!

We just flew completely around the world… for FREE!

  • 10 Weeks

  • 18 Flights

  • 35,000 miles

  • Total Cost = ZERO

Read this article and we’ll share some of the secrets we learned so that you can get started yourself on flying for nothing, or close to it!

This article will cover one of the major ways we greatly reduce or eliminate the cost of airline travel, while in another article we’ll cover other techniques on how to book differently to save majorly!

Why are we writing this?

One of the most expensive parts of traveling, and one that often has little wiggle room is Flying! What if we told you that there is a way…. A LEGAL way to hack the airline flight game, would you be interested? Would you take the time and energy to obtain the perks of these respective “Flight Hacks?”

Flight Hacking is not new, and something that we stumbled upon ourselves being in the travel industry, loving to travel and having a need to get around the planet on a budget. Before we get into Flight Hacking, I wanted to share with you WHY we did it and a little of our journey into all of this. If you want to skip this part, just roll down to the section that says STEP 1, it won’t hurt our feelings.

In May of 2018 while running my toes through the sand in Myrtle Beach I decided to open Instagram for the first time… ever! Within minutes I noticed people were leveraging their following to barter and exchange hotel stays and product in exchange for content (pictures or videos). I turned to Amy and said, “Hey, let’s do this… seems like fun”!

….Oh wait, are you going to teach us how to become travel influencers on Instagram as a way to get free flights?

NO, that’s not it!

Don’t worry, you wont have to develop a website, sharpen your photography and videography skills, create a marketing kit and pitch airlines for free flights as we did with hotels and tourism boards for almost a year. While joining the travel influencer community via Instagram did provide us with a myriad of free perks over the course of a year, this did nothing for us in the airline flight department!

Perhaps one day we’ll write an ebook or produce a video series on how to marshal the instagram world as a travel influencer. We had an absolute blast and enjoyed free hotels, activities and food at destinations all over the US! Additionally we did brand work for and received free product from companies selling suitcases, shoes, and clothing to name a few. In fact the two suitcases we drugged around the world,… those were free. Getting free stuff is fun… BUT it was also a LOT of work, so we pivoted!

Fast forward to October of 2018. I decided to drop to one knee in beautiful Savannah Georgia to ask my then girlfriend Amy to be my wife . Thankfully she said yes and so began our year long planning of a simple wedding,… but a ridiculous honeymoon.