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How's My Las Vegas Machine Gun Face?

So be honest, how's my "Machine Gun Face" versus Amy's? If approached I think the smile of a gorgeous blonde in a romper and curls would be more terrifying than my attempted tough-guy stare from this photo above! Welcome my friends to one of the most frequented experiences in all of Las Vegas,... Battle Field Vegas! This was indeed a new adventure for us both, given neither had shot a gun,... like ever.... and we shot a BUNCH during this adventure!

Battle Field Vegas has one of, if not, the largest unique gun arsenals in the U.S.! Due to gun regulations they naturally can't purchase many of the weapons they have safely stored on hand, so they manufacture most of their weapons from parts they've gathered. It was wild to hold some of these weapons with all of their character, scratches and dents... some even bearing the remnants of Arabic writing chiseled into the scuffed steel handles. The places these parts have been and the stories they could tell....

The experience with Battle Field Vegas is one that everyone should try at least once. Whether you've never shot a weapon, or you are a gun enthusiast, this place delivers pure entertainment value for all. Neither of us are what you'd call "Card Carrying Members of the NRA"... and like mentioned earlier, neither of us have actually held or pulled the trigger of a firearm. That being said we were both equally excited (maybe I was a bit more excited than Amy on this one) to hold, learn, and fire a multitude of different guns. Also along for the journey was my younger brother, (he lives in Vegas) an accomplished photographer Brooks Peterson. Collectively we all shot 3 weapons; an AK-47, an UZZI and a 45.

The employees at Battle Field Vegas were phenomenal from start to finish. Nearly all of the crew are ex-military. They made you feel comfortable, welcome, and safe amidst all of the immense weaponry! There collection of guns is remarkable all onto itself, but even more remarkable is the collection of tanks, helicopters and other related military machinery parked outside in their military museum. We spent an equitable amount of time enjoying the outside as much as we did inside popping off rounds into a paper target (which I'm still trying to get Amy to allow me to hang on the refrigerator)

What we were most impressed with, other than the shear power behind some of these guns, was how friendly, educated and safe these ex-military men were throughout the process of shooting. From the time we registered to the time we left, not once did we feel unsafe in an environment that is filled with so much destructive power. This operation is run beyond smoothly, and we really feel that it has everything to do with the people. We don't recall the name of the guy we worked with, so sorry homies for no shoutout here, but you were amazing! He showed us how to hold, fire, and shoot each weapon and provided us with some history and facts around what we were unloading into that paper.

As for the act of shooting .... whooooaaaaa... that was wild!! The magnificent power behind each trigger squeeze, the impressive sound still heard through the oversized ear protection, and the smell of burning rounds as they came spitting out of the chamber still resonate heavily in my mind from that day. What a wild stress relief it was to fire holes into a piece of paper inside of that cement shooting box. We will, without question be visiting our friends at Battle Field Vegas again next time in Las Vegas..... Maybe then you'll let me crush that car in the parking lot with the armored tank (no joke - you can pay for that experience) Thanks guys for a memorable time.

p.s. - Amy is a damn good shot.... and her "Gun Face" is much better here... ;) .... I guess she's just more of a bazooka girl!

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