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Chopper Time in Vegas.....

"What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas....." Unless you are a blogger, then you blab about it on the Internet, well... maybe not all of it ;) !! Sooooo we made it to Vegas for a long weekend and we made it back in one piece! Actually, this trip was filled with more "party-free" adventure than usual indulgence of late nights at da' club. In fact, we were up several mornings and in the lobby prior to 5 am on our way out, high five'ing those who were just coming in for the night. Being this was our first trip collaborating with several amazing experiences, we wanted to be as rested as possible to get the most out of our events. Our first adventure in Vegas was ... the CHOPPA ride !!!

How do we look with the headsets? Do we look like badass helicopter adventurers or more like Billy and Betty the Time Life Operators here to take your magazine subscription order? For the record, this was Amy's first experience on a helicopter and she loved it! She only reached for the vomit bags once I think, maybe twice. Just kidding, the ride was VERY smooth and those bags were never touched by anyone aboard (kudos to our pilot Jake's skills).

First we want to thank Sundance Helicopters for an amazing experience that they put on. They have many packages to chose from, but we went with the one that picks you up from your hotel in a styling limousine and brings you to their private airport. After sign in and weighing in you are off to the chopper, educated for safety and on your way to the Grand Canyon.... which by the way it 30 minutes by air versus 3.5 hours by bus from Vegas... do the math ;)

The ride in the chopper is amazing... and that view!!!!! The seats are comfortable, plenty of leg room, and a smooth ride out and back. Along the way the pilot narrates what is being flown over and provides some insight as to what you are seeing from the sky, while cracking some jokes and making you feel comfortable. Our pilot Jake, really made our experience.... maybe next time Jake I can just fly it for a second please? I promise you can have the controls back once we get near the side of that mountain or The Bellagio :) The views from inside the bird are like nothing you've experienced before. Most of their helicopter is glass, providing you aerial perspective from nearly every angle. Seeing the Hoover Damn and the Grand Canyon from a birdseye is truly incredible, and something everyone should see.

After about a 30-40 minute ride out we landed in the Canyon for 45 minutes, enjoyed a delicious lunch, champagne and the views of what Mother Nature has carved over millions of years!

This was such an amazing and romantic experience together! Flying hand-in-hand with the small chopper group, the romantic lunch, the views, and the limo ride made it memorable. It was truly an experience that we'll cherish for years to come. We do plan to get back to the Grand Canyon again and experience it in a different way... hiking down it and rafting on the Colorado river seems like the next logical step... who's down for joining us? If you are looking for a great place to take some amazing photos, you can't go wrong with the back drop Mother Nature has carved up and a ride in the CHOPPA!

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