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Can you live an EXTRAORDINARY life?

Heck yes YOU can... and we invite you to share in our journey to do so!! It's been a long road getting here, but here here we go, our first blog post, like EVER!! If you asked either of us over a year ago if we'd expect today, a year later, to be as happy as we are, with each other, and sharing in a dream come true... traveling with someone you love... we would have said you're crazy.

We feel like fountains go off every time we kiss!!
Bellagio Fountains Las Vegas

Hi, we are Amy and Derek and we are both 42 year old divorced parents! How's that for an intro, haha!! Some may read that and go "yikes" that's not much of an inspirational opening, and we hear you, but we feel that our past story is important to share as it tells the story of why we are so happy now. Both Amy and I (Derek) were married really young in our early 20's. Throughout the years we grew, evolved and changed as people. We picked up good habits, as well as bad habits and learned from those respective experiences. When you get married and have kids at a young age you really don't have the opportunity to find out who you really are, what you want, and who you want to become. Your clarity and purpose are derived out of the necessity to provide for children and before you know it you are consciously or unconsciously "sleep walking" through life. You spend much of your life reacting versus proactively setting your sights towards what you truly want out of life, or who you wish to become. Awakening from this has been mutually amazing for us.

About 2 years ago both of us began the process of unwinding our respective marriages. We often discuss how our respective x-spouses are incredible people, to whom we have amazing children with, and cherish the strong relationships we maintain today. After some dating and experiencing the over 40 single life for a short period of time, Amy and I met for the first time, and the rest is history. The series of events, circumstances, similarity in paths, and immediate connection we had was beyond remarkable!! To think of all that had occurred that lead us to each other, and how similar those paths were is truly mind blowing. From our respective life paths, both of us have learned so much about mindset, love, relationships, communication and many of the elements that lead to a successful or not-so-successful relationship. These lessons have certainly NOT come from the fact that we were past trophy husband's and wive's, but moreover from the mistakes and lessons we learned from our respective experiences. Bringing that mutual knowledge to this relationship and putting it into practice has been one of the most transcendent journey's for the both of us. We are beyond excited and honored to share our lessons as we continue on our journey of having the most extraordinary life imaginable (and we are just honored you're still reading this... as this is our first blog post... like ever!)

So how are we planning to do this? Our intention is through sharing our life and travel experiences with you all via this blog, social media, and many other modalities of communication the world has to offer! Life is about sharing memories and enjoying in those feelings with those you love. We are by no means relationship or life experts with years of schooling, published thesis papers, or PhD's. However we are two young 42 year old, well lived and experienced parents who have made the many mistakes along the way to know NOW how this life should be lived.... and we plan on sharing it with you! Thanks for joining in our journey and sharing in the process with us!!

Amy and Derek

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